Agencies work in a dynamic environment in which the pace is dictated by the requirements of your customers. An important part of being competitive is not only to offer better communication solutions, but also to be able to deliver faster than the competition. This requires transparency of costs, budget allocation and ROI.

When a quick and smooth go-live is an absolute priority for your customers, you can rely on the Planetary Quantum platform. Your IT experts are relieved of administrative tasks and can concentrate on implementing the applications. Accelerate your development process and achieve faster results for your customers.

We add value to your projects and ensure the satisfaction of your customers.
Thanks to the high performance hosting infrastructure, we can meet the requirements of digital projects in every project phase and thus contribute to the success of the project.

Our transparent pricing model allows you to make precise choices based on specific requirements and goals.

Customers entrust agencies with their own success and rely on their expertise.
In order to be able to deliver added value for customer projects, agencies offer tailor-made solutions in which the IT component is often at the core. To do this, it is necessary to have the full range of IT skills at hand. Thanks to our application hosting platform, your IT experts always keep the focus on your customer solutions.

In our experience the technical requirements vary widely between each project or campaign. That is why agencies trust our platform for the implementation and support of their IT applications.

Our application hosting platform enables tailor-made solutions and supports agencies with the full range of their IT requirements, simply, reliably and securely.

Our support is direct, solution-oriented and personal. We focus on the success of our customers.

A role-based model (RBAC) ensures the delivery of your customers’ applications. This ensures which team member is authorized to execute certain processes.

You develop the app,
we provide the platform

Deliver your project successfully, reliably and safely with the Planetary Quantum application hosting platform.