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To ensure the performance of your project team, take advantage of our application hosting offer. From infrastructure to advice and support, tailor-made and from a single source.

In order to host their projects successfully, our customers use the modules offered by Planetary Quantum. Whether startups or grownups, communication or IT specialists, developer teams in large companies or individual freelance developers, everyone can reliably and securely host their applications on our platform.

Application Hosting – We make application hosting easy for our customers. Planetary Quantum operates the platform and you focus on developing your applications. We provide the infrastructure and you deploy the stacks. This gives your application the full flexibility that is required in every project phase.

Tailor-made for our customers – The goals, needs and requirements of our customers set the tone for us. To reach your KPIs, we support you with solution-oriented expert knowledge. Thanks to the Quantum CLI and our APIs, our platform can be easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. We monitor the health of our platform and offer your team access to the relevant metrics.

On Location in Berlin – We are a German company with redundant data centers in Berlin. Our high-performance hosting infrastructure guarantees the performance, availability and security of your projects. Your data is additionally protected by the strict European data protection laws (GDPR). Click here to learn more.


You develop the app,
we provide the platform

With Planetary Quantum’s application hosting platform you’re set up for fast, reliable success of your project.