Our platform is based on Docker Swarm and thus supports everything that fits into a Docker container – custom container images as well as ready-made ones from the Docker Hub or all other registries.

All of this, of course, without any artificial restrictions on the number of containers, services or stacks.

Regardless of whether your application is still in the test phase or already in production, our platform offers a flexible and scalable infrastructure for every project phase and requirement. Clusters can be expanded or reduced at any time.

The built-in Traefik load balancer makes HTTPS with Let’s Encrypt particularly easy.

For the rapid development of your applications, the Planetary Quantum platform minimizes the time required for admin activities and allows you to keep your focus.

Our CLI tools ensure easy integration with all common CI / CD systems such as Github Actions, Circle-CI, Travis, etc.

Thanks to extensive documentation, we give you all the tools for a smooth start of your application on our platform.

We are also happy to provide you with individual support if required.

Built-in Grafana-compatible metrics and alerts as well as centralized logging ensure observability and daily backups ensure data security.

Further add-ons allow the Planetary Quantum platform to be seamlessly integrated into your system landscape.

The high-performance and redundant infrastructure of our platform ensures that your application runs reliably and securely. The hypervisors run on AMD EPYC7 CPUs; Storage is redundant and consists of 100% NVMe SSDs.

CPU cores and RAM are dedicated in all node sizes without overcommitment.

You develop the app,
we provide the platform

Deliver your project successfully, reliably and safely with the Planetary Quantum application hosting platform.