Made in Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany  We are a Germany entity, operating in redundant datacenters in Berlin.

The infrastructure is operated by our sister company  Planetary Networks GmbH and guarantees performance, availability and the security of our projects. All data is saved and process inside our datacenters in Berlin and therefor subject to the European data privacy rules and regulations (GDPR). 

Our platform is build on top of a modern OpenStack-cloud (with AMD EPYC CPUs and NVME-storage).

The cloud is connected with 20 Gbit/s to the network. External upstreams are redundant as well. Using this infrastructure setup, we ensure the availability of your projects and our platform at all times.

Brandenburger Tor



Dennis is an early-age computer enthusiast with experience in web development through agency work. He founded an ISP (Planetary Networks) at the age of 18.

Dennis has ~20 years experience in IT. His company focuses on access products, data center solutions (racks, servers, hosting, managed services) for b2c & b2b customers (SME, enterprise).


Till has been developing since ~1996. He worked 8+ years as a CTO (with successful exit) and has gained experience in various engineering roles, had various side gigs in interim management, coaching and tech due diligence consulting for investors and angels.

Till has a soft spot for optimisation, automation and DevEx and built various in-house PaaS platforms over the years.


Richard has over 10 years of experience in programming and building (in software and hardware). He has a Linux/Unix background and describes himself as a backend engineer with a soft spot for frontend development and an eye for design.

Richard and Till worked together in a previous life.